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Quican Inc is a consulting company providing technical services to the milling and baking industry worldwide on product development, quality assurance, food safety (HACCP) and staple food fortification.

The principals are Quentin W. Johnson and his wife Susan.

Quentin is a professional with over 32 years of new product development, quality assurance and regulatory affairs experience in the food and medical device industries in North America and the United Kingdom. His main area of expertise is in the milling and baking sectors of the food industry.

Quentin currently provides consulting services to international United Nations Agencies, national donor aid agencies and international non-government organizations (NGOs) on staple food fortification. Quentin is the Coordinator of the Technical Training and Support Group of the Flour Fortification Initiative (FFI), an international network of private sector industry, public sector and civic sectors promoting flour fortification worldwide.

Prior to starting his own business, he was the Director of Technology for Maple Leaf Mills, one of the largest milling companies in Canada. During this time he brought 107 different products from the development stage to the marketplace. (See Product Development.) 

Quentin has developed curricula and provided training at both international industry workshops and academic institutions. (See Training.)

He has been a resource speaker for the Canadian International Grains Institute, Baking Association of Canada, Canada Grains Council and the Association of Operative Millers. He is a member of the Institute of Food Technology, Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology and American Association of Cereal Chemists.   

Quentin's wife Susan has a background in marketing and assists in keeping the business running smoothly. She looks after graphic design, packaging for the fledgling Quentessentials baked goods line, general office administration, and she holds the fort when Quentin is away. She will be able to tell you the best way to contact him, via email, fax, land-line, Skype or cell phone. Quentin is sometimes in an area where telecommunication is difficult, but since he calls in for messages daily, she can relay your needs and ensure that he contacts you quickly via the most efficient means.

As Susan Strachan Johnson, Susan is a full-time fibre artist. Thanks to Quentin, she has clients all over the world!

Please visit the following websites to view Susan's work.

Susan Strachan Johnson Connections Fibre Artists


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